T10 – SK105 Alloy Steel Plate High Quality Carbon Steel for Industry

Grade T10 Alloy Steel Plat/Coil
Length 4m-12m or as required
Width 500-300mm or as required
Thickness Hot Rolled : 4- 100mm;
Cold Rolled : O. 2- 4mm or as required
MOQ 1ton
Technique Hot rolled  /Cold  rolled
Surface Treatment Clean, blasting and painting according to customer requirement
Packing Seaworthy wooden pallet or according to client’s requirement

T10 is the most common kind of carbon tool steel with moderate toughness and low production costs. After heat treatment, the hardness can reach more than 60HRC. However, this steel has low hardenability and poor heat resistance (250℃). It is not easy to overheat during quenching and heating, and still maintains fine grains.The toughness is acceptable, the strength and wear resistance are higher than T7-T9, but the thermal rigidity is low, the hardenability is still not high, and the quenching deformation is large.

T10 Alloy Steel Plate Chemical Composition:










≤0.035[TJC STEEL]




T10 alloy steel usually has excellent cutting performance and wear resistance, which makes it widely used in the manufacture of tools, dies, springs and forgings.It also has a certain toughness and can be used in some engineering applications


When quenching and heating (up to 800℃), the fine grain structure of T10 steel can still be maintained.Have not dissolve excess of carbide in steel after quenching and so is of T8 steel with high abrasion resistance, suitable [TJC STEEL]for cutting edge at work the same hot tools, such as processing wood cutter, hand cross cut saw, sawing machine, hand joinery with fine woodworking saws, twist drill, wire drawing die, die, cold heading die, small size of uniform cold trimming and piercing die and low precision in the shape of a simple card board, fitter scraper, file, etc.

Heat treatment:

T10 alloy steel can be subjected to heat treatment, such as quenching and tempering, to improve its hardness and strength.Through proper heat treatment, it can achieve the required mechanical properties

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