GCr15- JIS:SUJ2 Alloy Round Steel Bar Krobo Steel

Product Name Carbon Round Iron Rod/Square Steel Bar
Material GCr15
Diameter 2~500mm
Length 3000~6000mm
Type Round/Square/Hexagonal/Angle/Flat Bar
Surface Treatment Polished, Black, Grinding or as demand
Payment terms 30%TT for deposit, 70% balance before shipment or LC at sigh
Packing Wooden pallet or according to customer’s request

Product Introduction

GCr15 is a kind of high-carbon and high-hardness precision rolling bearing steel, which is a carbon steel material. Its raw material can be imported alloy steel or domestically produced alloy steel.GCr15 can reach HRC60-65 after heat treatment, which can meet the requirements of most bearings, and can be used in high-speed, high-pressure and other occasions.GCr15 also has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and can maintain its good performance in high temperature environments.

GCr15 Alloy Steel Chemical Composition:










 composition range

0.95% – 1.05%

0.15% – 0.35%

0.20% – 0.40%



1.30% – 1.65%

0.10% – 0.20%



Mechanical properties:

Mechanical properties

Numerical value

Tensile Strength

745 MPa (MPa) or above

Yield Strength

620 MPa or above


12% or more


HRC 58-64

Heat treatment:

GCr15 (52100) round rods usually need to be heat treated to obtain excellent mechanical properties and organizational structure.The heat treatment process includes quenching and tempering. The following are the general heat treatment steps:


1)Quenching: First, the GCr15 round rod is heated to an appropriate quenching temperature, usually between 800°C and 860°C.The material is then quickly cooled to room temperature or below room temperature to transform the tissue into a martensitic structure.Quenching can improve the hardness and strength of the material, but it will also increase the brittleness.

2)Tempering: After quenching, in order to reduce brittleness and increase toughness, the GCr15 round rod will be tempered.During the tempering process, the material is heated to a lower temperature, usually between 150°C and 250°C, kept warm for a period of time and then cooled.Tempering can improve the toughness and processability of the material, while moderately reducing the hardness to meet specific application requirements.


The overall performance is good.It has good cutting performance after spheroidization and annealing.After quenching and tempering, the hardness is high and uniform, and the wear resistance and contact fatigue strength are high.Good thermal processing performance.Contains more alloying elements, and the price is relatively cheap.


Used to make various bearing rings and rolling elements.For example: the production of internal combustion engines, electric locomotives, automobiles, tractors, machine tools, steel rolling mills, drilling rigs, mining machinery, general machinery, and steel balls, rollers and ferrules for high-speed rotating high-load mechanical transmission bearings.


It has high and uniform hardness and good wear resistance.It is used to make small cross-section tempered parts with large loads and large normalizing parts with small stresses. It improves the wear resistance of the bearing and also strengthens the steeliness of the top




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