38CrMoAl – A435/BS5996Alloy Structural High-grade Nitrided Steel Plate/Coil

Thickness 0-3 mm or as per requirement
Size As Per Requirement
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Length 1000-12000mm or as your request
Width 1000-3000mm (1000-2200mm usually used)
Surface Black Surface

38CrMoAl steel is an alloy structural steel of the Cr-Mo-Al series. It is a kind of nitrided steel (nitrided steel) and is also an ultra-high-strength steel.38CrMoAl steel is mainly used for gas nitriding, but also for ion nitriding and soft nitriding. The aluminum Al element in steel is the main alloying element to improve the hardness of the nitride layer. It forms a highly diffuse aluminum nitride (AlN) with nitrogen, and its hardness is extremely high, reaching 9~10 Mohs hardness.Due to the combined action of aluminum Al, molybdenum Mo, and chromium Cr, the surface hardness of 38CrMoAl steel after nitriding can reach 1100~1200HV, and the tissue stability is good (it can be used below 500℃); at the same time, they can also refine the grain and improve the strength and hardenability of steel.In addition, a small amount of molybdenum Mo can also improve the thermal stability of steel, eliminating the long-term thermal insulation of steel at the nitriding temperature and the tempering brittleness generated during subsequent slow cooling.

Although 38CrMoAl steel has high fatigue strength and wear resistance, its hardenability is not high, and it can only be hardenable to a size of 50mm thick.In addition, the plasticity of cold deformation is low, and the welding performance is good.After the 38CrMoAl steel is tempered and tempered, the tempered soxhlet tissue can be obtained. When the surface is nitrided, the ferrite tissue in it easily dissolves a large amount of nitrogen to form extremely hard iron nitrides and aluminum nitrides, which enhance the fatigue strength, surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and bite resistance of the steel surface.After nitriding, there is generally no need for quenching treatment, so there is no problem of quenching deformation.

Chemical Composition













Mechanical Properties

Rp0.2 (MPa)

Rm (MPa)


A (%)

Z (%)


859 (≥)

812 (≥)




HBW 114



38CrMoAl is a high-grade nitride steel with high wear resistance, high fatigue strength and high strength characteristics.It is mainly used for nitrided parts with precise dimensions after heat treatment, or various nitrided parts with small impact load and high wear resistance, such as boring bars, grinding machine spindles, automatic lathe spindles, worms, precision screws, precision gears, high-pressure valves, valve stems, gauges, models, rollers, imitation molds, cylinder blocks, compressor piston rods, speed controllers on steam turbines, rotating sleeves, fixing sleeves, various wear-resistant parts on rubber and plastic squeezers, etc.

 Chemical Composition
Mechanical Properties
Rp0.2 (MPa)Rm (MPa)AKV (J)A (%)Z (%)Hardness
859 (≥)812 (≥)232431HBW 114
Chemical Composition:
Content (%)0.14-0.19max0.41-1.3max0.025max0.0350.8-1.1
Mechanical Properties:
The mechanical properties of annealed DIN 16MnCr5/1.7131 gearing steel (typical for steel) are outlined in the table below
TensileYieldBulk modulusShear modulusPoisson’s ratioThermal conductivity
MPaMpaGpaGpa W/mK
520415 Min140800.27-0.3046.6

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