35CrMo – JIG4105:SCM435 Alloy Steel Pipe Krobo Steel

Standards GB18248 – 2000
OD Φ50-325mm; wall thickness: 3-55mm
OD tolerance ±0.75%
Wall margin -10%, +12.5%
Transverse slope ≤ 2mm
Straightness 1mm/1m
Inside diameter roundness no more than 80% of the OD diameter tolerance
Surface quality without crack, folding, delamination and stammer
Steel Grade 35CrMo
Process cold drawn/cold rolled/Hot drawn/Hot rolled
Surface  Bared Black Painting, Galvanized,Coating
Package Bundles, Bulk,PVC bags,Plywood case

35CrMo 40CrMo 42CrMo Alloy Tubes

35CrMo 40CrMo 42CrMo Alloy Pipes are belong to alloy tube. Requirements are usually smaller carbon content, strictly control the sulphur and phosphorus contents, meet the strength at the same time, good toughness and impact energy. 35CrMo Alloy Pipes ,40CrMo Alloy Pipes and 42CrMo Alloy Pipes can be utilized to make significant parts in different machines that withstand effect, twisting and high loads, for example, moving factory gears, crankshafts, associating bars, clasp, car motor axles, axles, motor transmission parts, substantial engine shafts, screws for boilers with working temperatures beneath 400 °C, nuts underneath 510 °C, high weight consistent thick-walled conductors for compound apparatus (450-500 ° C, non-destructive media).



Chemical composition %
















Mechanical properties

Tensile Strength

Yield Strength

Elongation in 2 in.





Steel alloy tubes are used for important structural parts that work under high pressures, such as gas cylinder pipe ,transmission parts of vehicles and engines; Turbogenerator rotor, spindle, heavy load drive shaft, large section parts

Classification By Size:

The length is generally 6000mm, 1250mm,2200mm,12000mm, and the thickness is distinguished by cold rolling and hot rolling. Cold rolling mainly has thickness 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm. The main thickness of hot rolling is 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, and the width is generally 1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm.Please contact customer service for general specifications.

Hot-rolled carbon steel pipe are produced by continuous hot-rolled carbon steel technology with hot-rolled steel strip or cold-rolled steel strip as the substrate. The hot-rolled carbon steel sheet is supplied as a rectangular flat plate by cross-cutting; the hot-rolled carbon steel sheet is supplied in coil form by coiling, and the hot-rolled carbon steel sheet coil can be divided into hot-rolled carbon steel sheet coil and cold-rolled carbon steel sheet Coils, they are mainly used in construction, home appliances, automobiles, containers, transportation and household business and other fields. Especially steel structure construction, automobile manufacturing, steel silo manufacturing and other industries.

Their main features are: strong corrosion resistance, good appearance quality, benefit from deep processing, economical and practical, etc.

Application range:

  • After annealing, it is processed into ordinary cold rolling;

(2) The galvanizing unit with pre-annealing treatment device processes galvanizing;

(3) Panels that basically do not need to be processed.

GradeChemical composition %

35CrMoMechanical properties
Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation in 2 in.

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