30CrMnSi- Gost 20ХГС Alloy Round Steel Bar for industry

Size Diameter:20mm-1000mm
Origin place Made In China
Delivery Condition Hot rolled,cold drawn,forged
Surface require Black,grinding,bright,polish
Heat treatment Quenched,Tempered,annealed
Packing seaworthy packing ,wooden case ,carton,woven bag or at client’s requires
Delivery time In 10-50 days
Trade Term EXW,FOB,CIF
Payments T/T or L/C at sight
Port China main Port,such as shanghai,Dalian,Shenzhen port.
MOQ 1 Ton

Product Introduction

“30CrMnSi” round steel is an alloy structural steel, usually supplied in a circular cross section.It is composed of carbon (C), chromium (Cr), manganese (Mn) and silicon (Si) and other elements, and has certain strength, hardness and wear resistance.resistance.


. The carbon content is about 0.28% to 0.34%, which provides good strength and toughness.

. The chromium content is usually between 0.80% and 1.10%, which helps to improve hardness and corrosion resistance.

. The manganese content is about 0.80% to 1.10%, which can enhance the strength and toughness of steel.

. The silicon content is usually between 0.17% and 0.37%, which helps to improve the oxidation resistance and hardness of steel.

  • Physical properties:

. Density: About 7.85g/cm3, which belongs to the category of ordinary steel.

. Melting point: about 1420-1460 degrees Celsius.

. Magnetism: it is a ferromagnetic material, which is easily magnetized

30CrMnSi chemical composition:

Element Chemical Composition Range (in mass %)
Carbon (C) 0.28% – 0.34%
Silicon (Si) 0.17% – 0.37%
Manganese (Mn) 0.80% – 1.10%
Chromium (Cr) 0.80% – 1.10%
Phosphorus (P) ≤ 0.035%
Sulfur (S) ≤ 0.035%

30CrMnSi mechanical properties:

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Reduction of


1080 – 1280 MPa ≥ 930 MPa ≥ 12% ≥ 50% ≤ 321 HB


30CrMnSi round steel is commonly used in the manufacture of mechanical parts, engineering components and tools, especially when certain strength and wear resistance are required.

It is suitable for manufacturing parts that require high carrying capacity and fatigue resistance, such as bearings, gears, pins, rollers, etc.

In some structural projects that require high strength and impact resistance, 30CrMnSi round steel may also be used as a structural material.

Classification By Size

As a common metal material, Alloy round steel is widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and other fields.

  1. Diameter size: The diameter of Alloy round steel refers to the section diameter of round steel, which is also one of the most common size descriptions. According to the needs of use, the diameter can be selected in various sizes, from small diameter to large diameter, the specific sizes are as follows: – 3mm – 4mm – 5mm – 6mm – 8mm – 10mm – 12mm – 16mm – 20mm – 25mm – 30mm – 40mm – 50mm – 60mm – 70mm – 80mm – 90mm – 100mm
  1. Length dimension: In addition to the diameter, the length of the round bar is also an important dimension parameter. Different use scenarios and projects require different lengths of round steel. The general lengths are as follows: – 1m – 2m – 3m – 4m – 5m – 6m – 7m – 8m – 9m – 10m

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