10# AISI 1010 Steel Round Bar for Machine

Product Introduction

10# steel bar belongs to high-quality carbon structural steel. The strength of this steel is slightly higher than that of 08 steel. It has good toughness, plasticity and weldability. It is rarely quenched and has no temper brittleness. Cold deformation has high plasticity, and is generally used for bending, calendering, bending and hammer arching. The welding performance of arc welding and contact welding is good. The thickness is small during gas welding, and cracks are prone to occur on parts with strict shape requirements or complex shapes. The machinability of the cold-drawn or normalized state is better than that of the annealed state, and it is often used to manufacture various mechanical parts with low force and high toughness requirements.

10# steel bar Steel Chemical Composition:

Element Composition (%)
Carbon (C) 0.07~0.14
Silicon (Si) 0.17~0.37
Manganese (Mn) 0.35~0.65
Phosphorus (P) ≤0.035
Sulfur (S) ≤0.04
Chromium (Cr) ≤0.15
Nickel (Ni) ≤0.25
Copper(Cu) ≤0.25

10#Mechanical properties:

10# round steel tensile strength ob(MPa): 2335

10# round steel yield strength σs(MPa): 2205

Elongation of 10# round steel 85(%): 231

10# round steel section shrinkage ratio ψ(%): 255,

10# round steel hardness: not heat treated,< 137HBs,

10# round steel sample size: sample blank size is 18mm



10# steel bar can be used to manufacture various parts with small loads and high toughness requirements, such as bolts, nuts, bearings, pins, bushings, gears, sprockets, etc. In addition, due to its good welding performance, it can also be used to make welded parts, carburized parts and welding rods with relatively small loads.


In the field of engineering and manufacturing, round steel is a common metal material, commonly used in the construction of structures or the manufacture of parts.It is a kind of steel with a circular cross-section, which can be classified according to different characteristics and uses.

1)Carbon steel round steel: This is the most common type of round steel, which is mainly composed of carbon and iron.According to the different carbon content, carbon steel can be divided into low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel and high-carbon steel.They have good mechanical properties and weldability.

2)Alloy steel round steel: Alloy steel is a steel that adds other elements (such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum, etc.) to carbon steel to improve its characteristics.These alloying elements can increase hardness, corrosion resistance and high temperature properties.

3)Stainless steel round steel: Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and is mainly composed of alloying elements such as chromium and nickel.It is commonly used in the manufacture of kitchenware, chemical equipment, etc.

4)Tool steel round steel: Tool steel is usually used in the manufacture of tools, molds and other tools.They have high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance.

5)Bearing steel round steel: Bearing steel is used to manufacture parts of high-load and high-speed equipment such as bearings.They have good hardness and wear resistance.

6)Spring steel round steel: Spring steel is used in the manufacture of springs and has good elasticity and fatigue life.

7)Stainless steel round steel: used in the manufacture of parts in corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant environments.

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